Installing an Extractor Fan or Cooker Hood

Each type of extractor fan will come with it's own instructions and each is different, but some basic principles still apply.

  • A template is usually supplied for marking the wall position of the brackets and screws for fixing.
  • Some may be screwed into the side cabinets and top cupboard if used.
  • An extractor fan must be at least 750mm above a gas hob and 650mm above an electric hob.
  • Extraction hoods duct the air to the outside, while cooker hoods usually recirculate air through a charcoal grill which cleans it. Extraction hoods must be situated against an outside wall or the ducting will need to be fed through the attic and out through the roof. This is a very complicated job.
  • fittings and runners
  • Consider the position of the ducting before the kitchen cabinets are installed. Be aware of the positions of the pipework and the diameter of the pipe.
  • All electrical work should be carried out by a qualified person.
  • Choose the correct hood for the size of your kitchen. The CFM rating (Cubic feet per minute) should be twice that of the square footage of your room. Check the manufacturers guide for these details.
  • You may need to buy the ducting kit separately for the hood. Check accessories on

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