Need to realign kitchen cupboard doors?

After a couple of years (or less) most people find that their kitchen cupboard doors look slightly “off”. The most likely cause is that the hinges have slipped or moved and sometimes in the case of wooden doors they may have warped.


Most kitchen press doors are fitted with plumb hinges and realigning these doors can be tricky but the method is very simple and the only tool you need is a Phillips head screwdriver. If you look at the hinges you will see that there are three ways that you can adjust the door. Plumb hinges are cut into the back of the door with the hinge plate attached to the cabinet itself.

If you look at the hinge, the central screw that attaches the door to the hinge-plate tightens down on a slit in the hinge. By loosening the hinge the door can be adjusted away from the cabinet to stop the door binding (rubbing).

The second adjustment is made by the fixed screw next to the first screw, this adjusts the door to the left or right as you look at it when closed, allowing you to centralize and equally space the doors apart.

The third area of adjustment is the screws on the hinge plate. The hinge plate has a vertical slot, which allows the door to be raised or lowered to align with the cabinet and the other doors.

I suggest that you use a packer for spacing the doors as this makes it much easier to keep the space consistent. 

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