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Today there is an accelerating and increasing trend to play around with colours, in chase of vibrant, dynamic and striking harmonies. So, alongside with the latest tendencies for the whole home, the kitchen is becoming colourful.


In order to enhance the overall style in your kitchen, the colour palette you plan to use, should be considered carefully. There are no firm rules of colour usage, but there are particular ways and combinations of working with colour that guarantee success. The essential part in here is the balance.


We suggest few basic tips to keep in mind when developing your kitchens palette:


1. Try not to use equal areas of contrasting colours. Use neutral or lighter colours on large areas and limit your bright colours to accents.


2. Avoid using a lot of dark colour, because it can be gloomy and depressing. Use white or light tints to accent dark colours and vice versa.


3. Colour and pattern duplication ties the space together. Never use a colour just once in your kitchen.


4. Try to balance pattern spaces with plain areas. Plain areas of colour can give the eye a rest, while texture and pattern will relieve the dullness and monotony.


5. Don’t forget that light effects colour. Natural light changes colour and its intensity.


Bold colours are beautiful, and darker cabinet colours are always in style, but adding colour to your kitchen doesn't necessarily mean you have to pick only bright hues. Subtle colours are also popular for creating a soothing atmosphere in which to pursue both comfort and food.


Colour is therefore a very physical sensation. It directly stimulates the emotional and mental area, affecting our mood, and since the kitchen is the place where people gather to spend good time and enjoy tasty food, make sure you select the right colour scheme that suits you and your idea of harmony and balance. 


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