Kitchens: Summer Style

Renovating your kitchen can be so much fun. Not only can you design this space according to your personal preferences and the practicalities of your lifestyle, but you can do so with all the seasonal trimmings to help make it feel more like home.
So, with summer finally here, it’s time to start thinking about exactly what you want from your kitchen, and how you can make it fit the summertime style.
Whether you want to make big changes or little alterations, it’s always good to have a plan in place, so you don’t overspend and go over the top with celebratory bunting either!
Read on to see just three ideas for kitchens – summer style.
Open the Space
One defining feature of a summer kitchen is a naturally lit, airy space that lets in plenty of sunshine whilst ensuring a stunning, green backdrop – yes, you guessed it; your garden! If your kitchen looks out onto your garden, it provides a perfect opportunity to open up the space using the simplest of techniques. Windows, light, sheer curtains and, of course, the right colour palette can open up this space, but we’ll look at this next.
Now, it’s time to crack a window and let the fresh air circulate your home. Not only is this incredibly refreshing, but it also lets everyone experience a slice of summer, even when cosied up in a thin blanket indoors.
Choose the Right Colours
If, however, you want to make the space feel and look more spacious on a more long-term basis, choosing the right colours is a brilliant way to do so. Try to avoid opting for dark and dingy colours, and consider pale, pastel shades instead. These colours are so varied, catering for all when it comes to brightening the home without going overboard on the yellow or vibrant green tones. When using a paler palette though, take care as these colours tend to show fingerprints and the like a lot more than their darker counterparts. Of course, this doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy summer shades in all their glory though!
A Complete Design Overhaul
Alternatively, you may see this summer as the perfect opportunity for a complete design overhaul, and you’d be right! A fresh new look for your kitchen can breathe new life into your home while regular cleans can ensure it stays spick and span, even when the whole family is over! Yes, fitted kitchens really are the way forward, so feel free to browse our designs here at Buy Buy Kitchens today.

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